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1905-10-06, “The Flight of a Flying Machine”, Dayton Daily News, Ohio, US, October 6, 1905, Scrapbook - Library of Congress, US.


The Flight of a flying Machine


Was in the Air Twenty-Five Minutes Thursday Afternoon Near Simms Station.




Have Been Experimenting All Week on the Huffman Prairies, East of Dayton, With Their Aeroplane.




The Inventors and Builders of the Machine Have Built a Shed on the Prairie for Storing the Big Air Ship — Flights Have Startled the Residents of the Neighborhood. Great Interest Manifested.


With improvements innumerable made to their craft, after months of work, Orville and Wilbur Wright, the youthful Dayton inventors, are making a series of flights in the vicinity of Simm’s Station, on the Dayton, Springfield and Urbana electric road, several miles from Dayton. These trials have been undisputedly some of the most successful expeditions that flying machines have ever made.

Residents of the locality where the experiments have been lately carried on turn out en masse at each ascension, and predict great results from the enterprise of the two Daytonians.

Likewise, many from Dayton and a number of authorities from different towns are daily witnesses of the remarkable flights, and are similarly profuse in their predictions of success.

Thursday afternoon a flight was made, and according to reliable witnesses, the machine soared gracefully for some 25 minutes, responding to all demands of the pilot. At the expiration of this time, fear that the machine could not be sustained aloft much longer, a descent was made by one of the inventors.

Every day this week flights have been made, almost, with equal success.

The expectations of the Wright brothers have been decidedly surpassed by their most recent experiments, and they feel that their craft is in the immediate neighborhood of perfection.

The brothers have been experimenting for the past two years. Their first successes attracted wide attention and were chronicled throughout the country.

Several Dayton people went out to the Huffman prairies Thursday afternoon to witness the trials. Some time ago the Wright brothers, who are both expert mechanics, conceived the idea of building a flying machine. They made some of their drawings in this city and from here they went to South Carolina to build the machine and try it out. They worked diligently to perfect their plans and finally succeeded in building a machine which would fly.

They gave the machine a severe tryout on one of the long stretches of beach in the south, and after a stay of over two years they returned to Dayton and built a shed on the Huffman prairies, where they are giving their machine a thorough test.



Not a single name of a person, who saw the airplane in the air or on the ground, is mentioned, despite the fact the article talks about numerous people, including authorities from different towns, that were witnessing the flights of the Wright brothers daily, at the time the text was published in Dayton Daily News (Friday, October 6, 1905). Some evident errors can also be remarked, South Carolina instead of North Carolina and “after a stay of over two years they returned to Dayton”.


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